Ever Wanted to be a Radio Star?

Ever Wanted to be a Radio Star?

Have you ever considered the benefits of starting your own FM radio station? Perhaps you think it is too hard or old fashioned? In this podcast, Don Jamieson from Whisper FM shares how easy it is to setup a FM radio station and become a radio star for business or hobbie.

Ever Considered Having Your Own FM Radio Station?

When I learnt to fish in rivers, I was always told to fish close to your feet first.  You never know what big and beautiful badguys are sitting nearby waiting to spring to life.

I’ve tried to apply that same principle to finding great content as well, because it is a mistake to dismiss those you know in order to try and land the ‘monster’ that is a long way across the water.

In this week’s podcast I have an interview with a man who is very close to home – in fact I married his daughter!  But he also has decades of experience in something that most of us probably thought we could never do.

Starting and running your own FM radio station.

Why would you want to run a radio station?  For Don, it was an extension of his keen interest in HAM radio.

For others, it might be a great way to reach your business market or ministry targets if you have an audience that is primarily local.

Whatever the reason, it is much easier than you might think.

fm radio station setup

Don’s simple but powerful radio setup

Don’s setup costs a just a few hundred dollars per year and is so fully automated he can travel the world and be on air 24/7.

In a day and age where everyone seems to be just online … perhaps adding local radio could be just what you and your audience needs.

>But what tech do you need to get started?

>Should you broadcast in stereo or mono?

>How do you license music and other content without it costing you the earth?

>How do you find a free frequency range?

>What software can you use to ‘automate’ the content delivery? 

>What personal quality do you need to succeed?

All these questions and more answered in this 30 minute episode:


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By Don and I would love your feedback.  What do you think of this episode?


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