Is Your Vision For Being a Man Large Enough?

Is Your Vision For Being a Man Large Enough?

Chris shares valuable insights from his book “Manhood Horizons” on how we need to consider whether our view of our life – including the roles of our manhood – are large enough and secure, or too small and subject to the changing nature of our culture.

The most obvious definition of ‘Horizon’ is the line at which the earth’s surface and the sky appear to meet.

But the other definition of ‘horizon’ is more like the size of your vision.  It is the concept of where the limits are of your knowledge, experience, or interest.

Over the centuries, our culture has had an ever-shifting sand on the topic of “manhood”.  What is man, and what does it mean to be a man in this world?

2-part Series

In part 1 of this 2 part podcast series, TV and radio veteran Chris Field discusses how his manhood horizon radically shifted after he had 5 kids, and how it lead him to write an entire series of books on the topic of “Horizons”.  You can listen to part 1 here:

In this podcast, Chris specifically addresses concepts from his book on the need for men to consider what their horizon is for their manhood.

In part 2, Chris and Guy finish off the topic and outline how God has already outlined a blueprint for manhood irrespective of what the culture tells us.

To listen to part 2, click below:

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