Are You A Fake?

Are You A Fake?

Chris was plagued by deep insecurities that he hid deep down, but he became so expert at hiding them, he no longer really new who he was. But Chris discovered a secret that would change his life and provided him with the means to go from fake to real man.

It is a common action for us to want to hide the parts of us that we think are unattractive and ugly.  We learn as kids what others like to see and what we should hide.  But there comes a point where our hiding of ourselves becomes a problem, unhealthy and even destructive; and the person we show others is vastly different to who we see ourselves.

behind the mask

We become a fake, living a fantasy of a life that has become such a deep rabbit hole, we no longer know who we really are.

Heightened Sense of Self

We all have a sense of self that is greater than how others perceive us, but has yours become so heightened that you feel like you are constantly being noticed in a way that embarrasses you?

As a result, your defence is to engage in strange activities to cover your insecurity.  Of course, you would hate others to know you are so insecure.

But as that pattern unfolds, your whole world becomes plastic, fake and you become lonely because no one knows the real you.

Does this sound familiar?

Go From Fake Man to Real Man

Chris Field had this problem.  On the outside, he was a debating champion, TV and radio personality with his own show.  But on the inside, Chris was a very different person.  His double-mindedness was making Chris miserable.

Eventually, God pointed out to Chris that he had a choice.  Face his demons, or continue down the rabbit hole and be a miserable fake and waste his life.  That’s pretty blunt and to the point, but Chris realised a secret that changed his life.

Chris realised a secret that enabled him to go from a fake man to a Real Man.

Discover that secret on podcast episode number 12 of Real Talk 4 Real Men.

You will also discover:

> What happens when we don’t feel like we are getting the love we need,

> What defence mechanism we put up to protect ourselves,

> A discovery about the nature of love that will change your life,

> And the choice we must make in order be free to be the real you.

In the end, Chris discovered something that has become his life’s song.  The freedom it brings him has allowed him to live life to the full no matter what mistakes he makes.

“God loves me so much, I can’t even fail my way out of his love.” – Chris Field


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