From War Veteran to Preacher

From War Veteran to Preacher

Oh how I would always love to have a second chance. In life, that is not always possible, but decorated war hero Glen Weeks did get a second chance. This is his story.

Don’t you wish sometimes that you could have a second chance?

I know I do.

Glen Weeks was a teenage rebel growing up in the middle of the rebellious 1960’s.

His life could have spiralled down a path of destruction that so many wayward teens do.

But failing College combined with the escalation of the Vietnam war set the scene for a life that would not be ordinary nor defined by his rebellious teenage years.

Glen may have failed at everything to date, but he soon became the youngest commissioned officer ever in the modern U.S. Army.

Soon Glen became a U.S. Army Ranger platoon leader and he was thrown into the horror of the Vietnam war.

Wounded 3 times in combat, He lbronze stared 90 men to hold off an ambush of  5000 Viet Cong at the battle of ‘Fish Hook’ until help arrived.

Glen won a Bronze Star for valour.

He lost his best friend in a foxhole in Vietnam and half a dozen other friends from his home town.

Photo credit: Mildura Times

Surviving combat, he almost died from a ruptured appendix.

Returning stateside an angry man, he began taking out his rage on the streets of New York as a NYPD trooper.  He thought his ‘good deeds’ fighting crime would make up for his sinful ways as he tossed between ‘good cop’ and ‘bad cop’ on the worst streets in New York City.

in Search of Peace

But it all became too much, with no peace inside Glen got very close to taking his own life while sitting in his squad car with his revolver in his hand.

For a man who had seen more death than most, Glen had a choice to make.  Would he end it then and there?

This is the Glen Weeks story.

You can listen to it here on the latest Real Talk 4 Real Men podcast episode number 14

and part 2, epsiode number 15:

Isn’t Glen’s story an inspiration!

My big takeaways from hearing Glen’s story were that:

> The God of the Bible is bound by his Word – He must keep his promises

> When God has a plan for your life – you better listen – because it could be something extraordinary

> Our God is a God of second chances.  You have never done anything so bad that God can not forgive you and move you on.

What did you learn?

Leave a comment and share Glen’s story to inspire others.

Listen to part one, episode number 14 here:

In part two, episode number 15, we have pieced together the bonus material we couldn’t fit in part 1.  Listen to part two below:


Photo Credits:

Vietnam photo, Mildura Weekly

Bronze star:

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