The 5 Essentials to Guiding Your Son from Boy to Manhood

The 5 Essentials to Guiding Your Son from Boy to Manhood

Back by popular demand, Darren Lewis shares the 5 essentials for guiding your sons into authentic manhood.

How can a 29 year old male be married and have 3 kids and only then discover that he wasn’t really a man?

That was the experience of former Queensland Father of the Year and founder of Fathering Adventures, Darren Lewis.

Darren realised he had no vision for manhood, fatherhood and husbandhood.

What we cannot define we can not become – Darren Lewis

If he was going to lead his sons into a healthy authentic manhood, how would he do that?

Blind leading the Blind

He was the blind leading the blind.

A man came along side Darren, and Darren opened up to reveal wounds from his own painful experiences and consequences as a father-less son of his father.

Darren didn’t want that for his sons.

Frederick Douglas said that

It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men

Which is true, but both are needed.

Broken Men Can Be Fixed

Darren was a broken man – now he is not.

His sons were strong children, and now they have become strong young men, which Darren attributes to what he shares in this podcast.

Now, Darren has not only solved his authentic manhood problem, has guided his sons into manhood, but he also spends his days helping other dads do the same.

We’re not wanting to raise girls and boys, but good men and woman who go on to make a contribution to our world. – Darren Lewis

Your kids need a father to guide them in the process of becoming whole men and woman.

Mighty Men are Not Made By Chance

You need to be intentional if you want to raise a modern day knight who knows who he is, what he is and what it takes to be an authentic and real man.

Take up the challenge.  It starts with this episode of Real Talk 4 Real Men.

Your sons and daughters will thank you for it, and you may just get something out of it for yourself.


Leave a comment, what will you apply from Darren’s ‘5 essentials’?

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