How To Be A Better Dad Today

How To Be A Better Dad Today

The life story of Professor Gregory W. Slayton is a story that is hard to believe. It is the story of how rejection turned into acceptance and led to the creation of a legacy that still looks impossible. You will be inspired and encouraged, guaranteed.

Do you know how to be a better dad today?

Do you have the 10-tool toolkit needed to make it happen?

You can begin to discover the secrets in this 30minute episode of Real Talk 4 Real Men episode number 22.

The future of civilisation depends on how well fathers do their jobs – Prof. Greg W. Slayton

To help make this happen, joining Chris and Guy on the show today is Professor Gregory W. Slayton.

Who is Professor Slayton?

Professor Slayton was an Ivy League graduate, an MBA graduate (with honors) from Harvard, he worked for McKinsey company, Paramount Pictures and with a number of Silicon Valley firms including the venture capital firm that he founded, Slayton Capital.  His successful early investments included, Google, Oakley Networks and Bloom Energy.Gregory W. Slayton

Professor Slayton spent 4 years as United States Consul General and US Chief of Mission to Bermuda and he is still the only Republican diplomat in US history to be awarded the Distinguished Foreign Service Award from the Congressional Black Caucus.  Professor Slayton has featured in the Wall Street Journal, jointly on the cover of Time magazine and some of his feats in saving Silicon Valley startups are still studied as case studies at the Harvard Business School. He remains a lecturer at major US and Chinese Colleges, and he even found the time to write a book about fatherhood that has sold more than 300,000 copies and is published in over 20 countries.

To read more about Professor Slayton, you can catch him on Wikipedia or on his website bio.

So What Is In It For Me?

Plenty.  In this podcast, you will discover

>Before you even start becoming a better dad, what you have to have in mind 

>the choices you have when you have failed

>how to work out your most important objectives if you are to be a better father

>the greatest gift that a dad can give to his children

>when you have lost your kids heart (even if they are now adults) what you should try.

Are you ready to be a better dad today? Listen how …


This is a must listen to episode for dads and dads to be.

So do yourself a favour and bless your family by taking on board the lessons from this episode.

Be A Better Dad Today

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Start your journey to being a better dad today.

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