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Do you aspire to something more? And are you heading in the right direction in order to get there? ... Course correct and stay on track with Real Men 24/7

Did you ever just think you would naturally be successful at life.  That you would just work it all out as you went along?  But somehow it hasn’t worked out that way, and now you are not the man you want to be … and your life is not the life you thought you’d have?

Success doesn’t just happen, and life does not allow us to go back.

But we can choose how we go forward.

Our Mission

Real Men 24/7 is a global movement of men who desire success in the areas of life that they care deeply about.

We partner with men who are lonely, living with some kind of failure, discouraged or just plain stuck.  We partner with you to connect with other men who understand and care; to help you move on from past failures, to be encouraged to persevere, and to discover your very next step.  The goal we seek is for you to become extraordinarily successful in the areas of life that really matter to you.

In case you missed that …

Our goal is for you to become extraordinarily successful in the ares of life that really matter

All men are different, so we do not push any single life purpose, but we encourage and equip you to discover your unique purpose within the constructs of what is true, good and honorable.


Our Values

The primary values contributors to Real Men 24/7 apply are:

Respect. Others are to be respected. Freedom of speech is encouraged when balanced with respect. We expect men to disagree because the issues we face in the world are complex; but disagreement is to be treated with a view to seeking truth to aid their own lives or the lives of others, not as a means of puffing up, scoring points, or pushing an agenda. Others are to be respected and we are to understand the distinction between the person and the views they may hold.

Responsibility. We take responsibility for our attitudes, actions, our thoughts, feelings, and our words. They are our own responsibility and we will not shift blame on to others for them, regardless of the provocation. We will accept that positive or negative consequences may come from the choices we make, because we choose our actions and not the outcomes.

Leadership Mastery. As men, we are leaders. Good or bad, we cannot avoid and abdicate our responsibility to be a positive influence on those who we have the responsibility to lead. We believe personal leadership mastery precedes effective leadership of others.

Integrity. We will be men who aim to be honest with ourselves, with God and with others. We will never purposely deceive others for personal gain or dishonest purposes. We will make the hard choices to be real with ourselves and others.

Truth. While grey areas exist due to the complexities of modern life, we believe in absolute truth in the foundational areas of a man’s life. We will stand firm for truth when necessary, and when we speak truth, we will do so with love, compassion and without judgment. We believe the 66 books of the Holy Bible convey God’s blueprint for mankind to understand truth.

Community. We understand that no man who is an island is a Real Man. We recognize we need others and others need us, whether we currently have our lives where we want them to be or not. Every man is on a journey, and we must overcome any desire to walk that journey alone. We will aim to become givers and not takers, and servants of others rather than masters over them.

How Can You Benefit?

In addition to what has been outlined above, here are just a handful of discoveries that you will make on the Real Men 24/7 journey:

#> How to be the sort of husband your wife brags about and other wives are jealous of

#> The benefits of turning your attention to your kids, and how to practically do that in your busy life

#> How to succeed in your job or your business without it bringing sorrow with it into other areas of your life

#> How to overcome the failures you keep inside you that you desperately hide from everyone else

#> Become clearer on who you are, your purpose and how to take intentional action to make your life what you desire it to be.


What Might Happen If You Don’t Act Now?

We have so much pressure on us as men.  When added to the pressure we pile on ourselves, it can become overwhelming.

The ambulance at the bottom of the cliff is not best practice for your life.  Changing course before the edge of the cliff is in sight is the right time to act.

If you are feeling like you can’t cope now, what will it be like when something else ‘bad’ happens?

The real question is, what will your life be like if you keep going the way you are going?


There’s Too Much At Stake!

What is at stake?  … your marriage, your kids, your job, your peace of mind …… perhaps even your life.

If you look forward 5-10 years, do you want to settle for living with regret, broken relationships, failing health and unrealized dreams?  It isn’t about will, effort or intelligence.  No matter how much effort you put in, if you are on the wrong course you will reach a place you don’t want to go.

You and I both know you deserve more than that … you only have one life.  The good news is that you are not alone.  Others have been there and many are also where you are now.

It Starts Now, With You

In business, team leadership needs to be preceded by self-leadership.  In families, it is much the same.  Real Men 24/7 will help you build success in all the key areas of your life – especially your most precious relationships.  Real Men make better husbands, better fathers, better businessmen, better leaders and are skillful at turning failure into success.  If you have failed, we can help you get up.  If you are up, we can help you stay there.  Help yourself and help others.  Join Us!

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  • Where can I Find Solutions ?

    Sove problems fast in the members only Forum

    The Forum is for men who are really serious about developing themselves and others. Peer-to-Peer help is only moments away from men who have gone through the same failures, emotions and struggles as you. Join if you dare! COMING SOON!

    Easy to Digest Practical Help for Busy Men

    Our contributors are men who have a diversity in their history, but common goals in who they want to be as men. In the counsel of men like these their is uncommon wisdom. Read their posts, and be better men for it.

  • Be Inspired, not discouraged!

    Engaging Oppurtunities and Top Benefits

    Be inspired from interviews of men who have accomplished uncommon things. Discover what it took for these men to become Real Men.

    Listen, Watch, Read - Defeat Business Today!

    The number one excuse for men not taking action is busyness. We aim to make the resources accessible to fit your needs.  Print, video, audio, live or delayed.  We have it in a form that is best for you.

  • How can I tell my story?

    Tell us Your Story / Personalize our Help to You

    We all have a story to tell. Failures, joys, sadness and success! We have opportunities during the year when we welcome the submission of your stories – with some published on the website; including personalized input direct from our experts to you. COMING SOON!

    Engage Peer-to-Peer

    Our community is there for you. Share your story, as there will be others just like you who have a similar tale. Members forum, social media, comments on posts. Say “Hi” and get started. COMING SOON!

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