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    Guy M.

    Guy is a former corporate manager, then funds manager, financial services responsible manager and company director turned entrepreneur. These days Guy is a busy husband and father of 9 children, online author, speaker and coach. Guy is the founder and one of the main contributors to Real Men 24/7, through which he seeks to help men who are 'stuck' get moving again to a life with a plan and purpose.

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  • How To Be A Better Dad Today

    How To Be A Better Dad Today0

    The life story of Professor Gregory W. Slayton is a story that is hard to believe. It is the story of how rejection turned into acceptance and led to the creation of a legacy that still looks impossible. You will be inspired and encouraged, guaranteed.

  • 8 Steps To Defeat Negative Thinking

    8 Steps To Defeat Negative Thinking0

    The hidden cancer destroying men is not a disease of the cells, but of the mind. Are negative thinking and destructive toxic thoughts stopping you reaching your potential? You need to take notice …