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    Guy M.

    Guy is a former corporate manager, then funds manager, financial services responsible manager and company director turned entrepreneur. These days Guy is a busy husband and father of 9 children, online author, speaker and coach. Guy is the founder and one of the main contributors to Real Men 24/7, through which he seeks to help men who are 'stuck' get moving again to a life with a plan and purpose.

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  • Is Work-Life Balance (still) Possible?

    Is Work-Life Balance (still) Possible?0

    Oprah Winfrey said that you can’t have everything and do everything at the same time. Was she right?
    Today we unpack work-life balance and ask if it is still possible.  And if it is, then how?

  • The Inertia of Fear

    The Inertia of Fear0

    In episode 29 of Real Talk 4 Real Men, Chris and Guy tackle one of the meanest baddest 4 letter words around. Fear. Fear can hold you down your whole life and no one but you will ever know. Is that what you want? It doesn’t have to be that way…

  • The Unhappiest Man in The World

    The Unhappiest Man in The World0

    How is it that despite looking like we have the things we need, we are miserable, frustrated, even angry? As the world looks to behavioural change programs to deal with tragedies like domestic violence, Guy argues that perhaps, for men who are at risk of ‘snapping’, an answer is more deeply hidden but oh so easy to get.

  • Uncover the Keys to Resolving Conflict

    Uncover the Keys to Resolving Conflict0

    Do you have the right skills to resolve the conflicts in your life? In this podcast episode, professional conflict restored Brian Noble shares a simple but powerful 4-step process to resolving conflicts.