• Help for the Fatherless Generation

    Help for the Fatherless Generation0

    Do you struggle with behaviours that you can’t change and can’t understand where they come from? Or perhaps you still harbour guilt and shame, or blame yourself for not having a father in your life? The impacts of being fatherless at some key point in our lives can have devastating consequences that we might not even be aware of. Listen to Jack Thurston’s story and his proven solutions to the impacts of fatherlessness.

  • The One Question Your Daughter Needs You To Answer

    The One Question Your Daughter Needs You To Answer0

    Did you know that you can mess up most things about being a dad to your daughter and yet still raise a successful young woman? You just need to answer her one question. In this post, Guy explains what that is and how you can answer it.

  • Become A HERO to your Teenage Daughter

    Become A HERO to your Teenage Daughter0

    Do you know what your daughter MOST needs from you during her teenage years? … do you have problems communicating with her? … are you worried about the direction she is heading and the choices she is making? … do you often think you don’t understand her, nor what to do next? … The good news is that YOU can be a HERO to your daughter – even through her teenage years. Guy tells you about a workshop coming up that will show you how …