• Is Marriage Worth It?

    Is Marriage Worth It?0

    We all get a bit of shock pretty early on in married life. For some, it is day 1; “This isn’t what I expected!” At some point, you will probably find yourself asking yourself the question: Is marriage worth it?

  • Is Recovering from an Affair Possible?

    Is Recovering from an Affair Possible?1

    What is worse than death of a partner in a relationship? For those who have been through it, finding your partner has cheated on you brings pain that can seem to be impossible to deal with. How will your relationship survive? How will you survive? What about the kids? In this blogpost and podcast, Phil will give you hope and a pathway forward that works.

  • How to Make Your Marriage A Happy Marriage

    How to Make Your Marriage A Happy Marriage0

    Family Fortress ministries have been strengthening families for 25 years. Through their books, resources and hundreds of conferences working with men, woman and children, they have proved that strong marriages don’t just happen by chance. A great marriage requires you to be intentional about building it each day. In this guest post, Fortress Ministries co-founder Sam Wood outlines 12 very practical and timeless ways that you can strengthen your marriage this month.