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  • Do You Have a Good Plan For Finishing Well?

    Do You Have a Good Plan For Finishing Well?0

    How confident are you of finishing your life well? Have you even considered how important that is, or how you can make sure that happens? Chris and Guy give you some thoughts to think about to help you plan on finishing well.

  • An Aussie BBQ With Jim Bob Duggar

    An Aussie BBQ With Jim Bob Duggar0

    On his family’s recent vacation to Australia, Jim Bob Duggar spent some time going over his experience of what it takes to make a family succeed and experience God’s blessing through both the good and the tough times. Here he joins podcast bros Chris and Guy in Real Talk 4 Real Men episode 34.

  • Learning to Father

    Learning to Father0

    Yes you can learn to father. Hear from 86 year old Clive on how he went from having no relatable dad in his life to becoming the pivot around which many from inside and outside of his blood-line proudly call him ‘dad’.